Letter for Nobusan in kyoto

My family had a pleasure of having you as our guide over 3 days.

I can truly recommend Nobu not only as a professional and knowledgeable guide but also as an excellent driver.

It was equally important to me and my family.

You are also friendly, personable, and adaptable which resulted in a very special experience.

You were a pleasure to meet and get to know.

We look forward to see you during our next visit to your area.


** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** **


Thank you very much for your review.

I am so happy that you have still remember me and sent your review.

All of you have good knowledge of Japan.

I was very impressed that your 2 sons love your wife and you.

I look forward to conducting you to my favorite places next time.

Please give my best regards to your family.


Nobuaki Nagata