Letter for Nobusan from USA

We had a wonderful tour with Nobuaki Nagata on May 15 and 16 in Kyoto. 

Firstly, Nobu's communications by email were clear and he was reliable in getting back to us. Communication in English was good enough that we could understand important things about the site.

We were able to ask questions and understand the answers. We supplied a list of sites and Nobu enhanced that with other places that were in line with our desires to see things off the beaten track. 

He was fun to be with and had a good sense of humor. 

He was extremely professional in appearance and in manner. 

His car was quite roomy and extremely comfortable. 

We felt we were driving around in luxury car! 

Nobu clearly went the extra mile to make our tour educational, enjoyable and memorable. 

We will definately recommend him to others we know who want to visit Kyoto.


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Thank you very much for your great review.

I am glad that all of you enjoyed my guide.

You are all knowledgeable and I changed my itinerary according to your knowledge.

I hope we will be able to meet again near future.


Best Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata

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