Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

Beyond our wildest expectations! Perfect, private tour of Kyoto with Nobu.”


I contacted Nagata (Nobu).  For months prior to our arrival I worked with Nobu to set an itinerary that would ensure we'd see everything my husband and I wanted in the amazingly beautiful city of Kyoto. 


We were on a tour (that started three days later) so it was important to NOT duplicate any of the things we'd see on the tour.


Nobu put together a perfect itinerary ensuring we'd see everything we wanted, but also finding surprises that aligned with our preferences and interests. 


I didn't want to deal with other forms of transportation (after a long trip from California) so we arranged for Nobu to pick us up at the airport and tour us for three days. 


Even on our way into Kyoto the first night he showed us the Gion (Geisha) district and we saw a beautiful geisha (a rare treat!). 


We met for the next tow days -- and they were unbelievable. 


Nobu could answer all of our questions, brought sites to life with history and contemporary information. 


And when he found out we loved the quiet of temples he took us to two that had NO people in them. 


They were favorites of his and ended up being our favorites, too. 


He knew when to arrive to beat the crowds and guided us to places within each sight where we could take the best pictures, have the best views and avoid the larger tour groups. 


Seeing the cherry blossoms was at the top of my list, but by the time we arrived many had dropped their petals. 


Nobu worked hard to find the places where there were late-blooming trees (including taking us to a landscape garden where there were some of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees). 


Nobu was kind, thoughtful, gracious and truly one of the best guides we have had in all of our years of travel. 


He takes amazing pride in his work and care in meeting (and exceeding) his client's expectations. 


He even found reasonably priced restaurants near our hotel, took the initiative to book us reservations and the food was spectacular (for a fraction of what the hotel recommendations charges -- and so much more authentic). 


He has a very spacious and comfortable touring van (brand new) and drives with great caution and care.


We HIGHLY recommend Nobu if you are going to Kyoto and want to see both the top sights and some off the beaten path. 


Your memories will be imprinted by his kind, generous, warm care and guidance. 


Be sure to book him early!


From Ms. Stacey Paynter in USA