Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

Such a wonderful tour of Kyoto


We did a 6 hour tour with Mr. Nobuaki Nagata (Nobu) in Kyoto. 

This was our first visit to Japan and of course we based the sites we wanted to visit on what we researched on the internet (Typical tourist spots). 


Once we met with Nobu, he went trough the intinerary we had discussed via email, then he asked what type of places we were interested in seeing and then he tweaked our itinerary based on our conversation. (He asked for our permission to do so of course)

Nobu is such a great guide, we were able to cover a lot of places in the short time we had and best of all Nobu’s suggestion were little hidden gems, they were our favorite areas that we visited.


He has vast knowledge of the history behind the places we went to and explained everything in perfect English. He’s very friendly, respectful and polite and all with a great sense of humor.

Even though you can see the sites using public transport (some sites he took us too would be a bit difficult though) I highly recommend getting Mr. Nobu as a tour guide, there is no way we would have been able to see everyplace we went to on our own and appreciated them as much not knowing History behind these places that Nobu explained so well. (Being in an Air Conditioned car in 37 Celsius weather doesn’t hurt either :)


I highly recommend taking his tour, it is worth the reasonable fee that they charge and will make your experience that much better.


From Mr. Armen Pattoukian in CAN


Tenryu-ji Temple, head temple of the Tenryu-ji Rinzai Zen sect
Tenryu-ji Temple, head temple of the Tenryu-ji Rinzai Zen sect