Letter for Nobusan in kyoto

Hi Nagata san,

I wanted to pass along the great feedback I received from the Schuleman couple you guided for me.  They *loved* their time with you, and here’s what they said:

Gil: “I have to say that Nagata-san in Kyoto was simply phenomenal – he is someone truly focused on ensuring his clients enjoy the sights, and he clearly takes pride in his role as guide. ”JoEllen: “As Gil said we were super impressed with Nagata San. He had the restaurant he loved stay open just for us.  We had a great lunch with him.  He made sure we saw double what we expected just at a very fast pace.  Which was fine by me.”

This trip was quite a challenge for me to set up due to all their requests and questions, but it was hugely successful due in no small part to your efforts!  You were the first part of their trip they mentioned to me!  Thank you so much.