Testimonial · 2020/01/21
“Excellent Kyoto Tour with Nobu” My family (my parents, brother, husband and 4-year-old son) wanted to maximise our time in Kyoto. As this would be my 2nd time, I knew using the public transport will not help us with that given the distances we'd have to go through to get to the places we'd like to visit. Nobu was recommended to me by Taka given our group size. From the very beginning, he was transparent and easy to communicate with via email. He helped us with our questions prior to the...
Story · 2020/01/12
座禅草。高島弘川の群生地では、例年は2月下旬から3月にかけて、僧侶が座禅をしているように見える赤紫色の花を咲かせます。 開花する際に肉穂花序(にくすいかじょ)で発熱が起こり約25℃まで上昇するため、周囲の氷雪を溶かし、いち早く顔を出すことで、春一番、湖西地方に春の訪れを告げてくれます。 暖冬の今年は、春が来るか心配です。

Food · 2020/01/11
滋賀近江八幡八幡山の麓にある赤煉瓦のクラブハリエ日牟禮館(ひむれかん)。自然と人の共生を目指すパティシエたちの世界、スィーツ好きには天国のような場所でしょう。 近江商人が崇拝した日牟禮八幡宮(ひむれはちまんぐう)の近くです。
Letter · 2020/01/07
“Tour of Kyoto with Nobu” Nobu was a great tour guide. He did a nice job of planning our day, and pushing us to stay on schedule! Also had a lot of great knowledge of the city and history. Hawaii Tour course: Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Tenryu-ji Temple, Bamboo-forest, Adashinonenbutsu-ji Temple, Rryoan-ji Temple, Kinkaku-ji Temple Golden Pavilion

Testimonial · 2020/01/03
Dear Nobuaki Nagata-san. We had a great time touring Kyoto with you and Mr. Oshima, especially with your excellent English! We will definitely let you know if we come back to Kyoto again. Thank you very much. From Geanine Ching-san in PHL *** * *** * *** * *** * Tour course: Fushimi Inari Shrine,Tenryuji Temple, Bamboo Forest, Togetsuky, Kinkaku-ji Temple Golden Pavilion
Story · 2020/01/01
大豊神社(おおとよ)。左京区鹿ケ谷・南禅寺一帯の氏神様。今年の干支、二匹の狛ねずみが迎えてくれます。地元では「ねずみの社」と親しまれています。御神徳は、治病健康、福徳長寿、学業成就、縁結び、子授け安産。 令和の御世の初詣にお奨めです。哲学の道の近くです。

Story · 2019/12/25
八霊社(はちれいのやしろ)さん。伏見稲荷大社の裏参道にあるお社。子(ねずみ)から亥(いのしし)まで十二支の像が全て揃っており、小さなお社の稲荷大神の回りに干支の動物達が囲んでいます。 ここなら、いつでもその年の干支に会うことができます。...
Food · 2019/12/19

Letter · 2019/12/14
Dear Nobu-san, I just arrived Thailand yesterday and having time to fix my email. It's glad to know that you also enjoy your day with us. We're really enjoyed your and Mr. Nagaoka's guide and definitely will request for your service again for our next visit in Kyoto. Thank you very much again for your best and comfortable service. It was made your Kyoto trip so easy and memorable. Please also give my best regards to him. Hope to see you again soon. Best Regards, *** * *** * *** * *** * Thank...
Letter · 2019/12/04
Dear Nagata-san, Thank you for guiding us in Kyoto yesterday. We enjoyed our trip. And we hope to visit Kyoto again in the future. I will keep your contact information for future reference. Regards, *** * *** * *** * *** * Dear Sunil B-san, Thank you very much for having used me for your tour. All of you a very knowledgeable and polite. I also enjoyed our tour lot. Please give my best regards to your wife and daughter. Best Regards, Nobuaki Nagata Tour course: Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine,...

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