【 FAQ 】

wabi, sabi of garden in kyoto


Q1. How to Booking ?


My policy is “Whoever comes first will be served first.”  Please send me your booking mail as soon as you decided.

In order to book, please respond back to the e-mail and let me know these things below.

・Clear expression that you will hire me.

・The date of the tour.

・Your nationality.

・How many people in your group.

 Please let me know the pick-up place and the time as soon as you have decided.


The price is for one group and is including transportation and guiding fees.

Entrance fees and parking fees are not included.

Since my tour is flexible you don't have to decide the duration of the tour in advance.

Please pay in cash (JPY) or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc) at the end of the tour.

You don't need to deposit.

You'll need entrance fees and parking fees.

Each entrance fee will be JPY300~ 600 per person and parking fee will be JPY300~1,000.

You also need some money(JPY800~1,500) for your lunch, if lunch is needed during the tour.


Q2. Where shall we meet ?


I will pick you up at three airports (Kanku, Osaka, Kobe) in Kansai area, your accommodations or at the Kyoto station. Please let me know where we will meet.


Q3. Do we need to pay an extra charge along with car rates ?


You don’t need to pay any more fees except a car rates. May I ask you to pay entrance fees, parking fees and tolls of roads?


Q4. Do we need to tell you our itinerary in advance ?


I 'm a local guide, I know the details of Kyoto and Nara.

I can easily arrange your plans according to your requests, when we meet on the day.

I will also exchange tourist information in advance (Web-meeting etc.) for those who wish.


Q5. Do you accept credit cards ?


Yes I do accept credit cards.

Payability by the credit card, AMEX, VISA, MASTER Card, Diners Club, JCB.


Q6. Do you take us to Nara, Hiezan Mt., Biwa-Lake and so on?


Yes, I go to there with you. You don’t need to pay extra charge.


Q7. The reservation of the lunch and the dinner ?

After having asked about a budget and hope,  

I will make a reservation about good & reasonable Kyo-ryori (Japanese cuisine of Kyoto)  restaurants etc.


Q8. Can we use a wheel chair ?


Yes, You can use a wheel chair.


Q9. Can we use taxi in Seven PAX or more ?


Yes, I cooperate with with following travel agency and sightseeing taxi representing Kyoto sightseeing, so possible to arrange necessary numbers.


・Nippon Quest Tour Inc. ・Private English Tour with Mr.Takakazu Machi ・Mr.Motoyoshi kyotosights taxi

Third from right: Mahi-san, second from right: Nobu
Third from right: Mahi-san, second from right: Nobu

All members are specialists in Kyoto tourism.


Q10. What do you mean with the story sightseeing ?


Kyoto, Nara has the history more than 1,200 years. There are many many historical tales and anecdotes as much as the history is long.

I will guide you while explaining these histories clearly to have you understand the Japanese heart more. 

It is fun, and the very scary stories occasionally come up. Please enjoy it !

Make you happy and move you !

 If you have any further questions, please feel free to inquire.

Name:  Nobuaki  Nagata
Government licensed guide/ English-speaking taxi driver

Cert. No. Kyoto EN00383

Reference: Usage status of Nobusan Kyototour as of Sep.2023