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From sightseeing in Kyoto to the hospitality of important guests

It is private car service to be able to spend the time when Nagata Kyoto Sights Tour is luxury in various scenes from sightseeing in famous place of Kyoto to the hospitality of the important guest.

Also enjoy side trip from Kyoto to Lake Biwa (Biwako),  Nara of Japan's first permanent capital, Osaka, Himeji-Castle, Mount Koya (Koyasan) of the center of Shingon Buddhism, etc.

I send trust and moving space of the relief to a customer at a reasonable price.

Please relax in luxurious space of Toyota Alphard, Luxury rides for groups up to6 passengers.


To an attendant of sightseeing in Kyoto of the foreign guest !

It is very convenient service in a foreign guest, the guidebook of the business partner.

I do guidance in English on foot together.


Of course  the Japanese customer is welcome, too !

In Japanese guide you. Has many Japanese repeaters.


In addition, for commercial movement, you can utilize it for the trip in the group for pickup and drop-off such as an airport, a station.

I will also exchange Kyoto & NARA tourist information in advance (Web-meeting etc.) for those who wish.

In front of KASYUJI-Temple, a temple at which the head priest has always been a member of the imperial family or of the nobility

  (Grand Head Temple of Shingon sect)

Unbeaten Tracks with Nobusan

Want to wander through Kyoto & Biwako, Nara rarely seen and really get off the beaten track ?  Here are Hidden itineraries to show you some of the other faces of the city, I will guide you there in professional & friendly manner. 

If you have the opportunity to visit the ancient Buddhist temples of Kyoto and Nara City, you will surely be more and more interested in the Buddhist statues of Kisshoutennyo, the Buddhist image withheld from public view at Joruri-ji Temple, Kurotani(Temple)-san's Afro (5 Treasures of Amidta;  It means that a Buddha meditates forever), the standing statue of Kuya Shonin at Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple, the statue of Mikaeri Amida at Eikan-do Temple, the Sembon Shaka-do Temple and the Zuishin-in Temple, the seated statue of Nyoirin Kannon Bosatsu, etc.

Let's worship the Buddha statue, see it, and join the prayer.

It’s sure they will respond to your wishes etc.