The Wellcome Nobusan KyotosightsTour

The amazing SightsTour with English-speaking Taxi driver & Concierge!

Nobusan, the taxi driver of the Japan Tourism Agency authorization guide qualification holder guides  you splendid scene of Kyoto,  Biwako,  Nara sightseeing attractions.

The sights by TOYOTA ALPHARD

Luxury rides for groups up to6 passengers 

6,720 JPY/an hour, Harftime 3,360 JPY

*As of Oct.  2019

 Payability by the credit card, AMEX, VISA, MASTER Card.

The sights by TOYOTA ALPHARD

Unbeaten Tracks in Kyoto&Nara, by Nobusan


Want to wander through Kyoto & Nara rarely seen and really get off the beaten track ?  Here are Hidden itineraries to show you some of the other faces of the city, I will guide you there  in professional & friendly manner.


~ Excellent Kyoto Sightseeing Taxi & licensed guide ~

Private English Tour in Kyoto, Nara and Lake Biwa by Nobusan.

The place celebrated for its scenery

      Mo Tel  +8190-1076-8788    JP 090-1076-8788 

Navigator of ancient city

Nobu KyotosightsTour

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