The Wellcome Nobusan KyotosightsTour

The amazing SightsTour with English-speaking Taxi driver & Concierge!

Nobusan, the taxi driver of the Japan Tourism Agency authorization guide qualification holder guides  you splendid scene of Kyoto,  Biwako,  Nara sightseeing attractions.

The sights by TOYOTA ALPHARD, Riding capacity 6 passengers 

6,720 JPY/an hour, Harftime 3,360 JPY

*As of Oct.  2019

 Payability by the credit card, AMEX, VISA, MASTER Card.

The sights by TOYOTA ALPHARD

Unbeaten Tracks in Kyoto&Nara, by Nobusan


Want to wander through Kyoto & Nara rarely seen and really get off the beaten track ?  Here are Hidden itineraries to show you some of the other faces of the city, I will guide you there  in professional & friendly manner.


~ Excellent Kyoto Sightseeing Taxi & licensed guide ~

Private English Tour in Kyoto, Nara and Lake Biwa by Nobusan.

The place celebrated for its scenery

      Mo Tel  +8190-1076-8788    JP 090-1076-8788 

Navigator of ancient city

Nobu KyotosightsTour

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