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Kyoto's spring and autumn are extremely pleasant and beautiful, and while summer and winter weather is severe. However, the fire-festivals in summer or the snow scenery of the temple’s garden etc is mysterious. Regardless of the four seasons, please enjoy Kyoto sightseeing.

The secret cherry blossoms of Kyoto
The secret cherry blossoms of Kyoto
Kyoto is an ancient capital in Japan(from 794 through 1867) and the center of civilization for more than a thousand years.
Although Kyoto is modernized, it is called a classic city which is blessed with old temples, shrines and monuments of Japanese art. 

Kyoto, former capital of Japan and home to 1,200 years of history and culture, is also known as the “venture capital” in view of the many venture companies the area has spawned. The accumulation of traditional industry, strong spirit of independence and respect for tradition counterbalanced by progressiveness have made Kyoto home to many companies which have subsequently grown into world-leading companies. It is charm of Kyoto that you can see both old and modern buildings or cultures etc.

Kyoto boasts many places of scenic beauty and historic interest. 


Popular shrines and temples & Highlight in Kyoto



1. Sanjusangendo  

The 1001 Kannon statues are must-see, and there is a national treasure in the 5m interval. 

There is a prayer candle in the main hall and you can make your wish come true.


2. To-ji Temple 

A World Heritage Site with a history of 1200 years, with the symbol of Japan's tallest five storied pagoda. 

We open the gate early in the morning.


3.Tofuku-ji Temple 

Blue maple leaves in early summer and beautiful autumn leaves in autumn are famous. 

Beyond the "Tsutenkyo bridge" is the Kaisan-do Hall, which features a tower on the roof.


4. Fushimi-inari

The torii gate that is lined with about 10000 is truly amazing! It is the main shrine of Inari Shrine and is now the first popular tourist spot.


5. Kennin-ji Temple 

The National Treasure "Fujin Raijin" (Wind God and Thunder God), the powerful' Twin Dragons', and the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto City are truly amazing!


6. Yasaka-jinja Shrine 

The god of marriage, a popular spot for spot for sightseeing in Gion with a nice illumination.


7. Kiyomizu-dera Temple 

Admission at night is mandatory! A popular spot for souvenir shops. Sunrise is the must-see Kyoto.


8. Tenju-an 

Not only in autumn, but also in early summer, the blue autumn leaves are wonderful. It is a quiet little-known spot. 

The maple leaves are a must-see! The slow Kyoto-like time is flowing now.



9. Nanzen-ji Temple 

The contrast between temples and Roman style Suirokaku Water Bridge is attractive. 

The National Treasure National Treasure Garden are not only magnificent leaves, but also the blue autumn leaves in early summer are wonderful spots.


10. Eikando 

A famous spot for maple leaves!  Except for autumn, however, you can enjoy a relaxing time and the scenery from the garden scenery from the garden. The Mikaeri Amida is a must-see.

The Mikaeri Amida is a must-see.


- North- 

11. Nijo-jo Castle 

The Tokugawa Castle that has seen the history and the World Heritage Site that is the stage of Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor) as well as the cherry blossom viewing spot is a must-see.


12. Kyoto Imperial Palace 

The residence of the successive Emperors, the main hall with high status and the garden that blooms in each of the four seasons, and the Imperial Palace becomes more gorgeous with the cherry blossoms in full bloom and autumn leaves.


13. Ninna-ji 

If you avoid the crowd and take your time to walk around the World Heritage Gardens, you can enjoy a relaxing time like Kyoto. One of the 3 great gates, the "Niomon" is also a must-see.


14. Ryoan-ji Temple 

The World Heritage Site is a dry landscape rock garden that attracts people all over the world. Zen temple of Myoshin-ji school of Rinzai sect is very popular among foreigners.


15. Kifune-jinja Shrine 

The stream of Seiryo-gawa River, which is the spiritual power spot of Suijin, soothes the heart. It is a tasteful area with riverbed dishes in summer and maple light up in autumn.


16. Tenryu-ji Temple

The breathtaking garden is a must-see!  The contrast between trees, water and the precincts is a World Heritage site.


17. Togetsukyo Bridge 


The view from Togetsukyo Bridge, which leads to Arashiyama, is a dynamic landscape with the brilliant water and the colored leaves.


Popular Places for Kyoto travel  (Click each eria of kyoto)

Central eria

Nijyo-Castel, Imperial Palace, Gion etc

West eria

Ryoan-ji, Saga-Arashiyama-eria etc

South eria

Fushimi Shrine, 33 bays hall etc



East eria

Kiyomizu-dera, Ginkaku-ji etc  

North eria

Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) etc


The sculptor of Buddhist images, Japanese traditional game with Maiko-san  etc

Imperial Palace & Villa

2 imperials (Gosyo, Sento) & 2 villas (Katsura, Syugakuin)

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Shoden-ji Temple simple dry garden with fantastic borrowed scenery (a view of Mt Hiei)
Shoden-ji Temple simple dry garden with fantastic borrowed scenery
Weeping cherry blossoms at Taizo-in in Zen temple
Weeping cherry blossoms at Taizo-in in Zen temple
Gion Matsuri Summer, Japanese Summer
Gion Matsuri Summer, Japanese Summer
Maple trees in the garden of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Maple trees in the garden of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Snow scene of Byodo-in Temple in Uji
Snow scene of Byodo-in Temple in Uji