Letter for Nobusan in kyoto

Dear Nagata-san,
 Now this is a month since you were my guide in Kyoto.
 Looking back, this was one of the highlights of my trip to Japan.                                                     

I learned much and I saw many new things.    Your explanations and information in general gave me insight, I think, in the fascinating world of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism.

There is still much to remember and to think for me,Looking back to this day in Kyoto. Very moving was the story of the  young painter you told me, and also these moments in Ryoan-ji garden and in the Sanjusangen-do temple.
 So today I just want to say once again thank you to you, thank you for everything. I will always remember your guidance. I got impressions and ideas about Japanese culture and thinking which made me interested in learning more someday later.