Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

Visiting Kyoto, my guide for the whole day was Mr.Nagata.

It was an extraordinary experience for me to spend this time with him,  profiting from his deep knowledge about the cultural treasures in the city.

We visited the main places, such as the Nijo Castle of the Shoguns, the Golden Pavilion, the Ryoan-ji temple(Rock Garden) and some Zen Buddhist temple gardens.Mr. Nagata gave me abundant information about all these buildings and their history and background.

I learned a lot about Japanese history and thinking, about Shintoism and Buddhism in this country.

An extraordinary part of this day was the visit of one temple, Chishaku-in with interesting, traditional paintings,  and the visit of the Sanjusangen-do temple.

We had also very good talks and an exchange about the cultural heritage.  Mr. Nagata had his car in excellent shape, he drove in a cautious and comfortable manner.

He was very much engaged and answered to all my questions and wishes.

I can recommend Mr. Nagata warmly for his knowledge and highly professional performance.

Arnd Bäucker, Corporate Communication, Bosch