Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

Kyoto is such a rich and fascinating city, as many around the world know. I’m very lucky to call Kyoto home near the Silver Pavilion and I’m extremely fortunate to know the world-class driver and guide of Kyoto, Mr. Nobuaki Nagata.

Mr. Nagata’s knowledge of the city is deep and engaging and his service to his clients taking them whether to well-known temples, shrines or gardens, or niche places only a few know of, is superb and of the utmost courtesy.

When visiting Kyoto I cannot recommend Mr. Nagata’s services highly enough, if you can make a booking with him by all means do so; your visit to Kyoto will be all the more richer and rewarding, and you’ll ride in style, too.

Robert Yellin

Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery   http://www.japanesepottery.com