Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

Dear Nobu-san,
Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful city today. We both had a great time! Thinking back, our favourites were the former emperors' living place at the Ninna-ji temple, and learning about the blending of many religions into Japanese Buddhism. But it is very hard to pick as so much of what you showed us was simply incredible (the bullet marks and archery competition also come to mind). Your kindness and knowledge were admirable, and it was our pleasure to spend the day learning from you. We would be happy to write a testimonial for your website! Thanks again and take good care,
Ray and Marjorie Bombeo


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Dear Mr. and Ms. Bombeo
Thank you very much for your kind review which makes me very happy.
I was so impressed with your knowledge about Japan.
I hope I will be able to conduct you to off-the beaten tracks next time.
I appreciate you recommending me to use your mail in my website.
Best Regards,