Letter for Nobusan

           Drone on Mt.Hiei
           Drone on Mt.Hiei

Dear Mr. Nagata,
Thank you very much for your services! We had a great time and saw and learned more than we would have if we'd been on our own.
To let you know, we saw several maikos on the route you showed us and one geisha, who got into a Rolls Royce!
Once Scott puts together a video of the footage he recorded with his drone on Mt. Hiei, I will send you a link so you can view it.
(Google translate is not a bad thing - hopefully the above says 'thank you very much!)


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Thank you for your wonderful review.
I am very happy to hear you could see a Geisha and some Maikos.
You would know the meaning of Danna(members of Geisha house).
I appreciate you sending me a link of the drone video.
Best Regards,
Nobuaki Nagata

The Drone video in Kyoto is here.