Letter for Nobusan from Hawaii, USA

Nobu-san was equally great in providing an excellent day tour for the four of us. He contacted me via email several times prior to our visit and provided the exact location outside of the Kyoto train station where he would be picking us up since we were commuting from Osaka. As promised, he was waiting there at the specific time with his beautiful black van that was very comfortable. Two of the places that we wanted to visit this time that we were not able to last year was Kiyomizu-dera and Nishiki Market. There were a couple of other places that we suggested going to, however, when we passed by, it was way too crowded and decided to have him take us to his "secret" off-the-beaten-path locations where there were beautiful autumn leaves. This year, he informed us that the leaves did not turn the beautiful colors that they normally do during autumn - they went from summer to winter - no autumn. However, at his secret spots, we were able to see beautiful autumn leaves as promised with the specific "crimson" colored leaves that you can only see in Kyoto . . . We mentioned that we loved to drink sake when visiting Japan and with that said, Nobu called his favorite brewery and asked if they would be able to accommodate us for a tasting. Luck must have been with us that day as he immediately drove us to Matsui Sake Brewery where we learned was one of the oldest breweries in Kyoto run by generations of the Matsui family. We were able to purchase great, award-winning sake which we would not be able to find back home in Hawaii as most of their sake are only sold in the Kyoto area.

We highly recommend taking private tours with Nobu. He is very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the Kyoto area. Their English is impeccable and most of all they are very accommodating.

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Thank you for having used me for your tour.
I am to hear that you enjoyed my guide. All of you are very polite and friendly. I also enjoyed our tour. I know many secret spots to see the beautiful cherry blossoms without
tourists. I hope I will be able to conduct you there next spring.
Please give my best regards to your family.

Sincerely Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata  

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