Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

Nobu Nagata was our guide for two days while in Kyoto, because his van could hold my group of six. 

Nobu-san had some pretty big shoes to fill. And fill them he did! 

He was just as professional, warm, charming, etc. 

His van was immaculate and he was a great driver. 

He took us to all of the places we asked and some extra places that he knew about.

Put simply, the tour is worth every penny in my opinion. 

He gets you close to all of the temples, knows plenty of the history, doesn't waste any of your time, etc. 

He was great with all of the kids in my group and enjoyed teaching my son some of the nuances of the Japanese language. You can't go wrong with him. 

He is top notch, but then what do you expect...he is Japanese after all.


Jeremy Wood