Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour


My father and I visited Kyoto and had Nobu Nagata as our guide.

He was fantastic and very knowledgable. 

He tailored our two day itinerary to reach both the major can't-miss sites in Kyoto (like the Golden Pavilion), as well as a number of smaller temples and shrines that were absolutely gorgeous and not crowded at all. 


At many of these sites, we were the only visitors. 

Nobu used to be a taxi driver before he got his guide's license, but he still has a taxi driver's knowledge of the streets of Kyoto. 

I can't imagine how we could have seen as many great sites without his guidance, and many of the places he recommended we could never have known about at all. 


We actually visited the great temples at Nara before meeting up with Nobu and I wish we had him in Nara as well. 

He has our highest recommendation.


From Dr. George C. Leef, MD


Internal Medicine Resident

Stanford University