Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

We arranged two guides for our group of 8 people.

We were very fortunate to be assigned Nobuaki Nagata and Hiro.

Each guide drove 4 of us in their respective vehicles.

We essentially followed each other the entire time so we could enjoy all the sites together Both Nobu and Hiro were exceptional!

Most of my interactions were directly with Nobu, and he was very responsive and patient with all my questions.

We visited interesting sites, including the unique moss garden, bamboo forest and rock gardens with faces of the artists, spent time in Gion (the Geisha area) and even had time for a delicious lunch.

The vehicles were in great shape, the price was reasonable, and the guides spoke good English.

Of all the ports we stopped at on our cruise ship, this private excursion was our favorite.

Bottom line....would highly recommend these guide(s)!!


From Mr. and Ms. Wong