Letter for Nobusan from BRA


Dear Nagata san


I forgot today was our last day. Since I am not using my cel phone I frequently forget about the day we are. Hahahaha


You were perfect. 


Your recommendation of restaurants was awesome and thanks to you we went to amazing places, off the bitten path places as you said. 


We enjoyed your terrible jokes and your professionalism. 


Please be nice with your wife because We will return as soon as we can and I will need you in perfect condition, healthy, not burned by dragon. (your wife)


Thanks again 


** *** ** *** ** *** ** *** **


Thank you very much for your great feedback.

I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed my guide and that you will come back again soon.

I appreciate your concern to my wife or dragon, in my religion, she is God!


I am sure you and your family have a Happy New Year.

Please give my regards to C. H. -san,


Sincerely Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata

Tel: +8190-1076-8788