Letter for Nobusan

Dear Mr. Nobuaki,


I hope this email reaches you healthy and well. My name is Nada. My husband, daughter, and I went on a tour around Kyoto with you back in January of 2017! We loved our time in Japan, and plan on returning in spring of 2022. We would like to be there during cherry blossom season. During our previous visit to Japan, we only visited Tokyo and Kyoto. Do you recommend any other cities for us to explore? Also, when would be the best time to visit in Spring of 2022? We can plan for 2- 2.5 weeks in Japan in total. How many days would you recommend at each city?  Finally, once our Japan travel itinerary is confirmed, I will be sure to reach out to schedule another tour with you. This time we will be returning with three daughters! Hope to hear from you soon. 


(Attached is a picture from our tour with you in 2017)