Letter for Nobusan

Dear Mr. Nagata,


In October 2017 you picked me up from the Prince Kyoto hotel and took me to a special Temple which was small and lovely.  You said it was a place you go to.  You suggested we sit and meditate for a while and you showed me how to hold my hands and fingers so they form a heart.  As we left a monk seated near the entrance complimented me on being a good mother. 

Later you took me to some antique stores with lots of prints where I browsed for a while.

I don't know if you remember me at all, but I wanted to tell you I think about those moments at the Temple, the monk, and the meditating - a lot.  I hold my fingers that way when I meditate.  I recall the stillness and the serenity of that Temple.

I wish I had responded to the monk differently than I had.  I was so surprised by his compliment, and I responded in a defensive way rather than accepting it graciously.  Still, his comment has meaning for me.

I am writing to thank you, and to tell you how much meaning that visit to the Temple has to me. I appreciate your giving me those experiences.  I do not know the name of that Temple and I would like to know it if you remember to which Temple I am referring.


I hope you and your family are well. 


Best wishes,



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Thank you very much for your mail.

It has been about 4 years since you have used me for your tour.

I am so happy that you have still remembered me.

I am sorry but I don’t remember our tour perfectly.

I think we would have visited Shoden-ji temple and let you know how to do Zazen (silent meditation) by sitting on the open veranda.

Just in front of us, there would have been the small dry landscape garden and have seen the Mt. Hiei as a borrowed view.

This temple is also the favorite of David Bowie!

Thank you again for letting me know that you enjoyed my guide.

Kyoto has about 2,000 Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

I have other favorite places I want to show you.


I look forward to meeting you again in the future.

Please give my best regards to your family.


Sincerely Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata