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Hi Nobu,

Please post my review to your website. Happy to provide a testimonial!

Showed out Kyoto photos, including one of you and Kate, to friends tonight! My daughter and I had the good fortune to tour Kyoto with a stellar guide -Mr. Nobuaki Nagata (Nobu).

Nobu is friendly and knowledgeable guide which made for an interesting and delightful day. 

He was organized, yet flexible and took care of all logistics.  Since we had limited time to visit and an insufficient knowledge of Japenese history and culture, we wanted to see sites that would offer us an overview of imperial Kyoto and the Shinto and Buddhist cultures. 

We were further constrained by the running of the Kyoto Marathon. Therefore on day one, Nobu designed an a tour that took us to: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Komyoin, Sanjusangendo, Kiyiomizudera and a brief stop Geisha district. When we expressed an interest in painting, Nobu suggested adding Chishakuin Temple which is known for its beautiful wall painting Nobu offered enough information to shape our understanding of the sites and included bits of folks lore and contemporary " fun facts" about Kyoto aswell.

We highly recommend Nobu for anyone who wants a fun and informative journey through time in Kyoto.



Carol Marine

Kiyomuzu-dera temple
Kiyomuzu-dera temple