Testimonial the honor of having Nagata-san as our tour guide

I've been to Kyoto 2 times prior to this trip and had gone to a few places but didn't enjoy it as much as I did this time around. I had the honor of having Nagata-san as our tour guide. I had 5 people in my party, 2 being children 5 and under. His car was very comfortable and convenient. 

I gave him a list of places I wanted to visit and Nagata-san gave me his suggestion and I accepted. I am glad he was there to help us navigate the spots and give us history of each location. He was also very kind to help us with the stroller (not recommended if you could avoid it) up and down stairs. 

Nagata san is a joy to be with and I am very lucky to have had him as a tour guide. My whole family loved the experience and would come back again in the future.

I highly recommend him as a tour guide. It's the best way to explore Kyoto. 

Hope to see you in the future.


From Ms. Annie L.