Testimonial for Nagata KyotosightsTour

It was a special day for me. I was determined to visit a specific temple area and succeeded way above expectations. I sent many photographs to my family and we all love to come back together.


I also explained that this would not have been possible without a great guide like you. It really made the difference for me. Well, you are knowledgeable! I will have to take a study on mosses, and many topics more.


When consuming my miso soup at dinner tonight, I could withstand turning it three times before swallowing. I will not forget the rules for drinking a tea ceremony-like tea and actually should look for a tea ceremony next time in Japan.


Tomorrow is about business but I will have my stories to tell. I hope our partners will appreciate the interest of a clumsy Dutchman into their culture (even if they are from Tokyo).


Once more, I very much enjoyed our acquaintance and partnership throughout the day. I will certainly recommend you to our business partners and others interested to visit Kyoto and I hope to be back soon!




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Tour course: Hosen-in, JIitukko-in, Sanzen-inn Temple located in the village of Ohara. Shisendo, a mountain retreat which Jozan Ishikawa, a retainer of the TOKUGAWA family,