Letter for Nobusan from USA

Dear Nobu,

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to let you know of our appreciation of your time and knowledge.

Thank you so much for the tour of Kyoto.

It felt like we had a backstage pass to some of the most amazing sites of your city.

The additional insight and knowledge you shared with us throughout the tour really enhanced our visit. 


Once we returned home, I heard from our younger son's teacher that he described Nijo Castle in great detail to his class, even down to the noises the floorboards make while walking on them.

Thank you for providing such interesting details on our tour. You're lighting a spark in the minds of many young children!


I have already sent along your information to another traveler from Seattle.

She is a friend of my husband's cousin. She is hoping to travel to Japan in July.

I do hope that she contacts you for a tour.

There may be a few families from our area traveling in the upcoming year as well.

I will be sure to pass along your name anytime we talk about our time in Kyoto.


Best wishes to you and your family.



** * *** * *** * *** *

Thank you very much for great review for my guide.

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed my guide a lot.

I really appreciate you recommending your friends to me.

I am sure I do my best for them.

I hope we will meet again in the future.

Please give my best regards to your family.


Sincerely Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata


Tour course: Tenryu-ji, Bamboo Grove, Kinkaku-ji Temple, Nijyo-casle, Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka, Kiyomizudera-Temple, Gion