Ojizo-san, a statue of the Buddhist should also defend with Abe's mask, but his nose should be covered perfectly.   Nobuaki Nagata,Kyoto

Ojizo-san, a statue of the Buddhist should also defend with Abe's mask, but his nose should be covered perfectly.

【  COVID-19 compliance  】

We would like to ask you for your understanding so that we can comply with the following items and provide services, etc. for the safe, secure and comfortable sightseeing in Kyoto and Nara.


1. Car ventilation
 -Ventilate the inside of the car by opening windows as much as possible.


2. Avoiding human density
-Customers will use the rear seats.
-We will guide you to the quiet tourist spots, Unbeaten Tracks.
-We will guide you to restaurants and souvenir shops where you can avoid airtightness, crowding, and closeness.


3. Avoiding conversations at close distances
-We will guide and explain sightseeing with a proper distance.


4. Other note for the sightseeing
-We may check the health status of the Customers, physical condition, whether or not they have a fever, etc.
-The temperature may be measured by a non-contact thermometer before getting in the car.
-We will provide you with a mask.
-We will carry out alcohol disinfection in the car after getting off.


Nobuaki  Nagata
Government licensed guide/ English-speaking taxi driver

COVID-19: Local Guide Protocols of Inside Travel Group (ITG)
While Inside Travel Group (ITG) continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and advise our clients on how to travel in Japan safely, we are committed to taking care of our freelance partners, too. We are implementing the following measures to ensure your health and safety, and that of our clients.
Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that if we – and the Japanese government – do not think travel is safe, we would not be welcoming clients to Japan or operating tours. We will never reduce the risk threshold to zero, but we can take precautions to minimize such risk.
The following advice and information is based on the UK’s Public Health England (PHE) and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of July 27, 2020. This is subject to change based on guidance from these resources. These guidelines will be reviewed and updated every 3-weeks, as the situation and advisories surrounding COVID-19 best practices continue to change.
COVID-19 protocols.pdf
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- Certification -


・ Date of performance : January 2021

・ Cleverin for Taiko Pharmaceutical & DENSO vehicles (chlorine dioxide gas)

・ Approximately 3 months Antibacterial and deodorant effect


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