Letter for Nobusan from CAN

Dear Nobu,

We wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Japan and our first stop in Kyoto so special, we really enjoyed it - all because of you.

Your knowledge and laughter and good advice made it so fun for us, we had such a good time - thank you.


We took all of your advice and yesterday went to the Silver Pavilion right as it opened  - wow!  It was so beautiful, we loved it.   Thank you for that recommendation.

We were also very lucky and saw a few early cherry blossoms on the trees in the garden of the Imperial Palace, exactly where you told us to look!    Very pretty.


We bought more books so I can practice my knowledge to come back and work for you - we loved Kyoto so much 😁.

Now in Osaka and you were right, not nearly as nice as Kyoto.


Thank you again for sharing your time and knowledge with us - we wish you lots of sleep and rest.


** * *** * *** * *** *

Thank you very much for having used me for your tour and gratuity.

I hope you enjoyed my guide.


Both of you are very knowledgeable and polite.

I also enjoyed our tour a lot.


Silver pavilion has one of the most beautiful moss gardens in Kyoto.

I would highly recommend you visit there, if time allows.


Please give my best regards to your husband and your brother.


Sincerely Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata



Tour course: Tenryu--ji Temple, Bamboo Grove, Hozu-river, Moncky park, Adashinonenbutsu-ji Temple, Kiyomizudera-Temple, Fushimiinari-shrine, Sanjūsangendō-Temple , Kinkaku-ji Temple