【 Kyoto-North 】


Kinkaku-ji(Golden Pavilion) World Cultural Heritage Site

The third Shogun of Ashikaga Shogunate built the pavilion in 1397.The pavilion is gilded with 22K gold leaves.Unfortunately original pavilion was destroyed by arson in 1950.New pavilion was identically reconstructed in 1955.

When it was renovated in 1988, gold leaves became 5 times thicker.

There is unique dry garden “karesansui”

makes use of "borrowed scenery," in which the distant Mt.Hiei-zan* serves as one of the garden's main elements, along with its beautifully-trimmed azalea bushes.


*Mount Hiei is a mountain to the northeast of Kyoto,at 848 meters (2,782 feet).

The temple of Enryaku-ji,the first outpost of the Japanese Tendai sect of Buddhism,was founded a top Mount Hiei by Saichō in 788.Hōnen, Nichiren and Shinran all studied at the temple before leaving to start their own practices.


The temple is located on the side of the mountain in North Kyoto.It has a breathtaking view which is a so-called picture frame view.

We need an approval to visit the temple in advance.

Name:  Nobuaki  Nagata
Government licensed guide/ English-speaking taxi driver

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