【 Ochaya (Teahouses)  -asobi 】

Maiko-san are professional artists, yet their charm is in their youth and immaturity. Their appearance emphasizes their youth. For example, they tuck their sleeves in at the shoulder like a child. When they turn 20 and are acknowledged to be skillful in art and service, they become Geiko-san. They are usually mature enough to listen and talk to the guest and required a higher level of artistry.


For budget travelers who want to see Miko-san but don’t want to spend much money, Gion Corner is the best place. It is a theater where they play a digest version of seven Japanese traditional performing arts, for example, tea ceremony, Maiko-san dance etc. You can experience all the performances for 3,150 yen.


Then the only way to see Maiko-san is to go to the Gion-area and wish for good luck. Gion is where Maiko-san and Geiko-san live at Ochaya (teahouses) , you may come across them moving from one banquet to another by chance. But Be careful not to mistake tourists making up themselves as a Maiko-san for the real thing !


If you want to meet Maiko-san,Geiko-san privately, or you want a more authentic experience, why don’t you try Ochaya-asobi, visiting a real teahouse ?  For a long time, teahouses didn’t accept guests without references from other clients because of security and to maintain their service level, which means it was very hard to get in for a foreign guest. But they have come to open their door to guests recently.  We will make arrangements for Ochaya with which they have contact. Your dream come true !

They have a special package for meeting Maiko and Geiko-san, while enjoying authentic Kyoto cuisine. A few Maiko and Geiko-san in full make-up will come to the room to show some dances, pour sake to guests and talk to them. You can take pictures with them. If you’re brave enough to raise your hand, you can even join their party games! It will understandably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is to six sets, and the rate is reasonable with 29,400 yen. It is 4,900 yen per person by the use of six people. Service time is around 50 minutes.


Maiko and Geiko-san are a mystery even to Japanese. Not many people have seen or met them in person. Get to enjoy seeing them !


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It is always some basic questions, such as the following


1. Why did you become a maiko-san ?
2. How old are you ?
3. Do you enjoy the work of Maiko-san ?
4. Why is makeup whitewashed ?
5. Why is white powder can not take even sweat ?
6. How do you sleep in the hairstyle ?
7. What are you doing holiday ?
8. What age do you become a Geiko-san ?


But the answer is Kyoto dialect. Even English conversation is the pronunciation of the Kyoto dialect.

tea ceremony
tea ceremony
classical Japanese dance
classical Japanese dance

Sitting seiza style is a required part of some traditional Japanese arts such as tea ceremony, classical Japanese dance, and so on.  

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