【 Kyoto-West 】

Ryoan-ji (Rock Garden)   World Cultural Heritage  Site

The cabinet minister of Ashikaga Shogunate built the temple in 1450.

Rock garden in which 15 rocks are placed is world famous.

Queen Elizabeth 2nd visited the temple in 1075 and praised this garden.

We can enjoy beautiful flowers and views.


Togetsukyo( The Bridge of Crossing Moon)

The bridge is located in Arashiyama, one of the most beautiful areas in Kyoto. A emperor wrote a poem which says that the moon seemed to be crossing the bridge. The bridge has been used as a shooting spot of Samurai films.

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest is the most impressive spot among foreign tourists.

One of my clients visited here twice a day.

Bamboo signifies a symbol of vitality, since it grows very quick.


Gioh-ji in sagano

The temple is famous for a variety of beautiful moss.It is also famous for beautiful autumn leaves.You will enjoy the view in the serene atmosphere.

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji

The temple has 1200 carved stone statues of Rakan, disciples of the Buddha.

People pray to Kannon, the deity of Love and Mercy, by touching with their hands.

One of best spots to see beautiful autumn leaves.

Name:  Nobuaki  Nagata
Government licensed guide/ English-speaking taxi driver

Cert. No. Kyoto EN00383