What is NAMAFU "麩嘉"

Fu are available in various forms including the chewy nama-fu (fresh gluten cakes), the crisp yaki-fu (toasted gluten cakes) and age-fu (deep-fat fried gluten cakes) used in Chinese cooking.Utilizing seasonal fish, Kyoto vegetable and characteristic Kyoto protein, also fresh yuba and wheat gluten, with the techniques that owner learned at several Japanese restaurants, elegant cuisine are served within the warm and modern Kyoto-style dining space.

Nama-fu is sometimes used to make confectioneries in addition to being used in cooking.

Nama-fu is one of the traditional ingredients of Kyoto.

You will be impressed by the mysterious feeling and delicate taste. This is the essence of Kyoto cuisine.


FUKA Honten

Higashi-uratsuji-cyo Kamigyoku-ku Kyoto