All of the sightseeing in Kyoto areas are representative and very attractive, but they are only a small part of a thousand years of history.


During your limited time, we will take you to the world of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, where you can admire the cherry blossoms, the green leaves and the autumn leaves etc.


    Best Kyoto Tour 5

  • Kinkaku-ji Temple  : Under the blue sky, Kinkakuji-Temple with Snow Makeup is superb.
  • Ginkaku-ji Temple : The quiet Ginkaku-ji Temple under the moon in the autumn nights is superb.
  • Ryoan-ji Temple : In the early morning's dignified time, the sitting in a quiet garden and meditating is superb.
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple : Early in the morning after the rain, the view of Kyoto City from the Kiyomizu-san stage is superb.
  • Nijo Castle : While watching the cherry blossoms at night, to feel the flow of time is superb.

   Note : The above is "superb", but it is "Personal impression".


     Kyoto's Top 5 Roads and Routes

  • Kinkaku-ji ~ Kinukake-road : The Shining Kinkaku-ji Temple, in contrast to the Zen world of Ryoan-ji Temple and the Omuro Ninnaji tour.
  • Ginkaku-ji ~ Tetsugaku-road: Ginkaku-ji Temple, Path of Philosophy, elegant Honen-in Temple, Eikan-do Hall, Shisendo and other famous and ancient temples.
  • Historic Sites and Mecca's Road, Kiyomizu-dera Temple to Chion-in Temple : A tour of Mecca the shrines and temples such as Shimizu-san and Yasaka-san, that represent Kyoto sightseeing, are crowded.
  • Arashiyama, Sagano Walking Trail : A tour of Mountain Purple Water Ming, a scenic spot in Kyoto Arashiyama that was loved by the Heian period aristocrats.
  • Historic Sites of the Meiji Restoration :  The Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo-jo Castle, and Mibu-dera Temple and Shinsengumi,a group of masterless samurai organized by the Tokugawa shogunate to guard Kyoto.

Kyoto's Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

【京都御所・離宮】 >>>  御所・離宮 ご案内


【京都・迎賓館】 >>> 京都迎賓館 ご案内


【西芳寺】  >>> 苔寺 ご案内


【お茶屋遊び】 >>>  祇園花街・お茶屋への誘い